36th Day, Tuesday. Read Acts 2:1-21.

Fire represents the positive, affirmative state of mind, as opposed to the negative or watery state.

The fire of God (Holy Spirit) is the Word of God in action. It burns out the dross of negation in consciousness, and reveals Christ. Tongues of fire represent the illumination of thought, in demonstration of Spirit’s presence and power. The flame of fire symbolizes the light of intuition that burns in our heart.

While the light of intuition (flame of fire) burns in our heart, there is no loss of substance. In thinking there is a vibratory process that uses up nerve tissue, but in the wisdom that comes from the heart this “bush” or tissue is not consumed. This is “holy ground,” or substance in Divine Mind. When we approache this we must take off from our understanding all limited thoughts of the Absolute (”put off thy shoes from off thy feet”).

Spiritual fire is a symbol of the destruction of evil and error. The fire of Spirit never ceases its life-giving, purifying glow. In it all error is burned up in consciousness and the purified individual then manifests this “fire” as eternal life.

I have the assurance that I shall not be left partially cleansed, that the purifying work will be complete. “Our God is a consuming fire,” also He is life, love, substance, power, intelligence, Truth.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I affirm: “The Holy Spirit flares its cleansing, purifying flames throughout soul and body, and I am made whole and perfect.”


1. What does fire represent?

2. What is the fire of God?

3. What does the fire of God do?

4. What must we do when we approach holy ground?

The works of Spirit are always constructive. I am not afraid to be on fire with the idea of God; I am not afraid to be consumed with a desire for greater light and Truth.


Remember, God is Blessing You, Right Now!

Rev. Alan A. Rowbotham


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