It is within our very nature that we are always longing to excel, to rise higher, to overcome. Most of us never cease to long for a better life, for greater freedom, for more abundance.

This is as it should be, and we can be sure that happiness and all the good things that the earth has to offer can be ours when we affirm them with faith and are persistent in working towards them. If you long for something that will bring fulfillment or betterment into your life, that will make your life richer or more beautiful, then certainly follow your desire. Look for and seize the better possibility.

Every person is endowed with the gifts and the powers to enable him or her to seek for oneself a trouble-free, happy life. Everyone can rise from the worries of experience; everybody can live better. One only needs to realize that in every situation in life there are only two possibilities, a negative one and a positive one. It is very important which possibility we consider and accept.

Should we meet with opposition and hostility, obstacles and adversities, the negative possibility leads only to despair and failure. The positive possibility on the other hand leads to the mastery of life. All we have to do is to choose the best possibility each time, and make use of it.

We always have that choice. There are always two possibilities. One is to search history books and biographies for the elements that brought great persons to success. Such data is often full of minor details that can easily lead one into imitating such people instead of learning to unfold or to develop one’s own powers and abilities to become a real person.

The other, the better possibility, is to get only the essential fundamental principles, to learn from the experiences of these people the success method for the art of living, the insights, the thoughts, the decisions which are helpful not only to them but to all, to know the mind-principles by which they succeeded. Because the implication is, “What God has done, God can do; what man has done, man can do.” And this means you can do too.

You know you can’t walk two roads at the same time. And yet, while walking on the one, you may still be wondering whether you should have taken the other one. Haven’t you had this experience? You make a choice, but yet you keep wondering all the time if it was the right choice, wondering what the other choice would have brought?

We can become free of such inner conflicts when we consider that there are two sides to everything, and that our happiness or unhappiness depends on the side to which we turn our thoughts, our eyes, and our steps. Every situation in life is like a door which offers two possibilities. It is either open or it is closed. If it is open, we can stop in front of it or go through; if it is closed, we can accept it with resignation, or we can knock and open it.

Life always puts before us two possibilities: the poor one is to look for things which are unpleasant, negative, sinister, disarming, and to turn our steps as well as our thoughts despondently in that direction; on the other hand, the better possibility is to look at all that happens for the good, to look for the encouraging, the bright, and the unlimited. This is the road that leads higher, and the one on which things and circumstances will turn out to be sources of happiness.

Eric Kasner once wrote, “If somebody is unhappy, he has two possibilities of change. He may either improve the situation, or improve his opinion about it.” The first one he can’t always do, but the latter choice is always open to every person.

You always have that choice. We can always improve our opinion about things. We can improve our attitude, the level at which we see things, view them, deal with them. The important point is that change of perspective, change of attitude, brings with it great changes in the situation also. It is vital that we consciously choose the better of the two possibilities.

The art of living happily and successfully consists in taking each situation and making the better choice the first time, in other words by acting under guidance. Every situation offers two possibilities. When you learn to look at yourself and your environment from a higher and brighter viewpoint, you will discover new possibilities, find better solutions for your problems, dare to venture into new experiences, and to exchange the old life for the new one.

We have at each moment the possibility of beginning a new life. It begins with the transformation of our thoughts from the hidden obstacles to the friendly helpers with our seeing, affirming, and choosing the best of every situation, the positive possibility.

As soon as we set the law of mind-action into motion consciously in a positive way by affirming our strength, ability, joy, happiness, success, and then by immediately acting according to our new and positive outlook, we enter a whole new life which leads us higher and higher and which is happier and happier, and more successful in every way.

Remember, God is Blessing You, Right Now!

Rev. Alan A. Rowbotham

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